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We are happy for your interest in working for concertare. We have compiled some interesting information about our company below. That answers to the most frequently asked questions. This information may be of great interest to a new applicant and we invite you to learn more about us.

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What does concertare do?

We support companies by identifying areas of improvement on their customer relations, and consequently apply comprehensive optimization measures. Our goal is to create long-term and profitable relationships between our clients and their customers.

What are our priorities?

Our work focuses on Mystery Research and surveys. concertare is the European leader in Mystery Research processes (Store checks, test purchasing, test calls, test consultations, etc.). In Germany alone, we carry out project-related inquiries with over 50,000 field agents. In terms of sectors, our focus lies in: automotive, banking, call centre, services, retail, trade, telecommunications, tourism, and insurance industries. Our clients include more than half of DAX-listed corporations and the top 200 companies in Germany, e.g. Audi, BMW, Citroën, Coca Cola, Daimler Chrysler, DEVK, Edeka, Fiat, Jaguar, Kia, Opel, Porsche, RTL, Sparkassen, T-Mobile und VW. We are active in both national and international level, with presence in more than 50 countries worldwide.

How do we work?

Analysis – We identify customer expectations, emotions and service experience using market research methodologies, particularly Mystery Research and surveys.

Consulting – Together with our clients, we develop concrete optimization measures for the weaknesses identified from the evaluated survey data, and provide classic consulting services as well as applicable plans of action.

Implementation – We support our clients with training sessions, Train-The-Trainer concepts and management tools for the implementation of new practices for continuous staff development.

How is concertare organized?

We work in projects, which can be one-time assignments, but often run for many months or years. Every project is led by a project manager with a dedicated team. However, project individuals may be members of several project teams, which create a rich environment with constant flow of information and new experiences. Hierarchies are flat. Every individual can qualify for more responsibility and progressive tasks within a short period of time.

How is the company developing?

concertare was founded in 1998. Since then, we have enjoyed continuous, exponential growth.

What is the concertare philosophy?

Our philosophy is not printed on glossy paper; we live up to it every day. Our core value: We know that we live from our clients and act accordingly. Our clients expect on-time project completion and delivery, excellent service and all-round support on reaching their goals. In order to maintain our high service quality, every individual must bring his best every day. We are aware of the differing goals and motivation of our employees. Therefore, we try to synergize the goals of our clients, our employees and our company. We work with people: Tolerance and respect go hand in hand with professionalism and quality.

What do you expect from your employees?

Expectations vary depending on the position; however, there are some characteristics that every one of our employees possesses: Above-average commitment, readiness in mind, fast-learners, flexible, detail-oriented and reliable. At concertare, you can acquire all the necessary professional knowledge in order to succeed in your work – key to this is the will and ability to learn, to quickly apply this new knowledge in your work and to take responsibility for it.

How is the training for new employees?

Training is on a training-on-the-job basis. Experience colleagues guide new-hires, with additional special training courses on specific topics and tasks.

What is my development potential?

We do not offer careers marked by titles and the size of your office. Our colleagues advance and develop with every project. The decisive factor is only one: Personal performance. Every individual receives regular feedback, highlighting their current status and future perspectives. In addition, yearly meetings jointly set targets for the upcoming year. Due to the wide variety of industries, clients and projects, there are always new exiting projects, tasks and future prospects.

How is the compensation?

Compensation is commensurate to the amount of responsibility and performance. Continuous excellent performance can lead to far above-average compensation.

Are there any social benefits?

The cafeteria principle applies for all benefits: Employees define the benefits they would like to enjoy, and concertare accommodates them as much as possible within the framework of the agreed upon gross annual compensation.

What are employees saying about concertare?

Everybody agrees that teamwork is fun and colleagues are very kind. Projects are exciting and varied: There is always something new to learn and opportunities to acquire experience. There is a lot of work, but within an appropriate framework to accomplish your tasks independently.

What does Burscheid have to offer?

While Burscheid is not the centre of the world, it is not as isolated as otherwise assumed. If you value exercise, nature, lots of parking space and cheap rent, you will find Burscheid to be your ideal place. If you are looking for shopping areas and nightlife, Cologne is 20 minutes away by car. Other cities are also close by: Düsseldorf in 35 minutes, Remscheid in 20 minutes, Bonn in 45 minutes or Essen in 45 minutes. If you travel with public transport, well-connected Leverkusen is the ideal location: You may reach the centre of Cologne or the office in 15 minutes.

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