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Quality Management

Large companies with a high degree of employee-to-client contact often find that systematic staff training costs are often too high to be economically viable.

aievas® (advanced information evaluation system) is an integrated quality assurance system which supports an interactive employee development process through several features. The system provides automatic evaluation of measurements for monitoring the performance of teams or individuals and optimizing their effectiveness.

Measures are supplemented with concrete recommendations for action, either on a self-regulating level or on a mandatory level with defined deadlines for implementation.

aievas as a central monitoring system enables daily control of implementation and the use of control measures for the achievement of targets. Throughout the journey the sequence of transitions towards full integration of the company’s development strategy is seamless. This has secured aievas® an established name in this area of research. The instrument finds wide acceptance.

aievas is not only used by concertare in their own projects, but also as a license by well-known companies.