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Knowing where your company stands.

Consumer, employee and distribution partner surveys reveal the level of satisfaction with the service provided, in contrast to initial expectations. This knowledge is crucial for recognizing the potential measures for improvement. Ongoing surveys are an important and helpful method for perceiving changes in customer service. concertare provides tailor-made optimization services that lead to visible, profitable results through our surveys at a reasonable cost.

Periodical Customer Surveys


Periodical surveys provide information about customer expectation and level of satisfaction. concertare implements a wide range of methodologies (written, telephone, online, face-to-face) and provides optimal design solutions for every individual project. Our results are grouped into units of relevance, and provide information on how companies can better adapt to customer requirements and raise satisfaction levels. Based on the results, we provide customized recommendations to increase level of satisfaction. Our feedback is useful to promote the quality development of your organization.

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Transaction-related surveys are carried out directly after a transaction, e.g. purchase or a sales consultation. These surveys can be completed using different methodologies (written, telephone, online, face-to-face). The performance during a transaction or defined process is gathered efficiently and improvements can then be apply to solve any non-satisfactory results.

Customer Forums

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Customer forums are select discussion groups of actual or potential consumers regarding the qualitative nature of their experiences with a particular company service. concertare organizes such forums; consumers are supervised by project leaders who are responsible for the analysis of the significant data that is gathered – their presence ensures that all relevant information from the discussion reaches the appropriate ears at first-hand. All findings are evaluated and used to build-up solutions for optimization.

Employee Surveys

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You cannot look after your customers without first looking after your staff. Your workforce should be consulted regularly and their opinions actively applied into the company’s development. Favorable employee surveys include subjects such as data protection and effective communication. concertare provides comprehensive assistance to benefit the most out of these surveys.

Partner Surveys

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Independent distribution partners are an important part of many organizations. They not only guarantee a continuous supply, but also transfer the brand values of the company to the customer. concertare offers special partner surveys, which are adapted to specific industries and distribution channels, and are carried out analogously to customer and employee surveys.

Patient Surveys

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Hospitals and ambulant treatment centers are more often subject to the needs and satisfaction of their patients, to such extent that they adapt their performance and processes to their specific patient group. Patient surveys identify these requirements and expectations by examining all the relevant areas (e.g. hospitalization, facilities, available services and discharge process, impression, behavior, expertise of the medical professional, etc.), and evaluating them in a set of defined criteria. The criteria can be evaluated on a scale of importance and priority, and the health care center will be able to apply the results to improve in a systematical and targeted way. concertare has developed standardized methods of application for these surveys, which ensure an efficient and cost-effective execution. The outcome of the survey is an evaluation based on statistical data containing precise recommendations for areas requiring action. By combining the results with benchmark data from other hospitals or accompanying surveys, concertare identifies target-oriented measures. We provide support for the development and implementation of optimization processes.

Focus Groups

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Small group discussions are followed and moderated by specialists who listen to the opinions generated out of particular consumer issues. Focus groups are a method for rapidly and productively isolating various of inquiries regarding the improvement of a company’s customer relations.