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Process Analysis

An ongoing process of optimization.

Internal process analysis provides information about the optimization of customer interfaces, which is considered as a follow-up activity on test counselling.


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Audits are examinations, which can take place with or without prior notification. The audited companies know the main features of the audit program. The auditors are specially trained employees, who normally carry out many audits. The audits serve to review measurable standards regarding manufacturer’s instructions, contractual obligations, hygiene standards, social norms and requirements in specific areas.

Call Monitoring

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Call monitoring is a way to measure the quality of calls in real situation. Experienced testers switch into the call of employees unnoticed. This gives an overview of the quality of calls and provides a guide for future staff training.

Observing a process in its ordinary environment, including the employees involved, requires an individually-tailored project design.

Control of Data Protection

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The non-compliance of data protection rules or the misuse of customer data can have a very negative effect on the credibility and image of a company, affecting its customer relations. Especially if external service providers are using customer data, it is highly recommended to regularly verify if agreed provisions are being fulfilled.

concertare provides special fictitious addresses and customer data for this purpose and takes care of the tracking.

Key data analysis

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Key performance indicators provide quantitative information on economic issues and serve the controlling and corporate management. In the area of customer relationship management some indicators are central.

The collection and analysis of key data ensures the satisfaction of customers according to their specific needs, helping with the interpretation of current target situations.

Lead Management Tests

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In Lead Management Controlling authentic requests are generated. These requests go through all channels of the company’s customer management process. These tests acknowledge optimization potential for enhanced customer service and process related cost savings.

Touchpoint Analysis

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Touchpoint Analysis includes measures to assess the quality of customer touch points. concertare defines relevant points of contact and matches data collection methods, along with clients. For many industries benchmark data and best practice models already exist.

Usability analysis

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Usability measurements are used to investigate the ease of web pages and applications or technical products from a customer point of view.

The usability analysis offered by concertare is applied on various formats: 

Expert testing
concertare employs project-specific specialists who will assess a website according to a catalogue of standards. The resulting potential for optimisation can be communicated in terms of industry bench marks. 

Lab testing

Testers are given typical tasks involving customer interaction in a controlled environment. Their progress is evaluated in both a quantitative and qualititive form. 

Web testing
An amount of testers are given typical tasks involving customer interaction on the internet. Their results and experiences are recorded in a quantitative and qualititive data entry form.

Choosing the optimal method is bound up with the project specific factors set in place. For further information please contact us personally.