Our Philosophy


concertare - the name says it all

concertare comes from Italian and means: to harmonize. We see our task as aligning companies with the requirements of their customers.

As a specialist in customer relationships, we have been offering all the services you need to create lasting and valuable customer relationships from a single source since 1998. We support you in identifying optimization opportunities in your customer relationships and in implementing improvement measures. The goal of our work is to make your customer relationships sustainable and profitable.

To achieve this, we use all relevant market research methods to find out what customers expect, how satisfied they are, and how they experience the company. Using these results as a basis for consulting, we work with you to develop concrete measures for optimizing identified weaknesses.

Implementation-oriented, we support you with training measures, train-the-trainer concepts and tools for self-control in the implementation of measures and continuous employee development. All ideas come from practical experience. concertare's employees have many years of diverse practical and project experience. In addition, we bring industry experience from the markets we serve.