Mystery Checks


Mystery checks in the narrower sense are undercover surveys in which a tester (mystery checker) physically evaluates defined facts on site.

Mystery checks are used in particular to collect information aimed at checking compliance with standards. These can be non-action-related specifications such as certain forms of presentation, decoration, availability of goods, etc., or action-related topics such as customer approach, farewell, upsell efforts, and the like.

Synonymously used terms are covert observation, service check, mystery checking, mystery visit, test purchase, test purchase-based procedures, or test consulting. Mystery checks are often equated with mystery shopping, store checks, mystery calls, mystery mails, and competition checks.

Mystery checks can be distinguished by the fact that there is usually a physical visit on site, but without interaction with the staff, and without a purchase of a product or service.

In contrast to other forms of mystery research, mystery checks can generate objective results on process-related topics based on similarly high case numbers compared to customer surveys.

Typical test elements are:

  • Signage
  • Cleanliness
  • Tidiness
  • Parking availability
  • Reception wording
  • Wording initial contact
  • Type of product presentation
  • Extent of stock
  • Behavior of employees
  • Product demonstration
  • Cross-selling
  • Upselling
  • Goodbye
  • Handover of goods

Mystery Checks can be used in all industries, but especially in the areas of pharmacy, bank, DIY stores, consumer electronics, service, discounter, DIY, fitness, gastronomy, trade, hotel industry, cosmetics, food retail, furniture trade, motorcycle trade, perfumery, travel agency, tanning salons, and supermarkets.


The mystery check is a proven method that can be used in particular to increase cleanliness and order, and thus customer satisfaction and sales.

Our anonymous mystery shoppers deliberately remain in the background and take on an observing role. They visit your store on site and discreetly find out what impression the respective business makes on customers, how your employees deal with customers, and what they notice positively and negatively.

From a large number of completed projects, we can compile an industry-specific catalog of methodologically proven test criteria that should be evaluated in your industry in any case. If you have your own set of predefined company standards, this can, of course, be taken into account when compiling the test catalog for your company. Together with you, we agree on the test criteria and evaluate them later.


The special circumstances that play an important role in connection with a typical mystery check make it possible to gain a very objective picture of the respective situation on site. The mystery shopper remains on the outside, observes and documents accordingly afterward. Since he is rarely involved in a conversation himself, he has the advantage - depending on the situation on site - of being able to observe and evaluate various interactions with customers. In the mystery check, not only can direct customer contact be measured, but it is also possible to check a variety of other criteria.


Mystery Checks highlight conditions and situations in a company in many different ways and thus offer an excellent opportunity to identify any need for optimization. The prevailing overall impression plays an important role here. In the course of their activities, our mystery shoppers evaluate, among other things, the presentation of goods, cleanliness, the amount of inventory and the behavior of employees in certain situations. All aspects that can contribute to an increase in customer satisfaction in your company are evaluated.


The content of professionally designed mystery check programs is a systematic review of the relevant customer contact points in the customer journey. The goal is always to use the findings to achieve the best possible customer experience and the greatest possible customer satisfaction. However, since this is made up of experiences from a wide variety of customer contact points - from parking availability to goodbyes at the checkout - a trained eye is needed to evaluate all aspects in depth and objectively.

Our mystery shoppers work in many mystery shopping projects and are trained to work in the background and provide detailed records. A quick analysis of the results by us enables you, within a short period of time, to identify the need for optimization broken down to the level of an individual operation or branch, so that you can increase your sales even further on the basis of higher customer satisfaction.

As one of the world's largest owner-managed mystery check agencies, we can also handle large-scale national and international assignments without any problems.

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