More than 1.000.000 audits, surveys and mystery tests

Worldwide more than 80 countries and 30 different industries

One central finding

Durable and profitable customer relationships based on few key principles

This applies to all sectors equally










What matters is to create a perfect customer experience!

Generate customer enthusiasm!

Create emotional bonds with customers

Discovering the main key principles for your business

All customer relationship management services from a single source - concertare

concertare – Your Customer-Relationship-Management specialist

For more than 15 years, we have been working alongside our clients to create tailor-made solutions for gaining new businesses and keeping customer loyalty. In times of increasing assimilation between products and services, maintaining good relationships with your existing customer base differentiates your company from the competition, and is even more profitable than the continuous acquisition of new clientele.

Our core competences encompass test-based programs that enhance and maximize your staff’s performance, professionalism, service quality and focus from beginning to end during a customer consultation. We systematically increase satisfaction, loyalty, repurchase probability and referral rate levels.

Our triad of thorough analysis, conceptual design and practice-oriented implementation drives many well-known clients on a the path of excellence towards customer experience.

We think global and act local. Our mystery research-based programs and surveys are executed with the highest quality standards – their development and implementation incorporate global, regional and local aspects.

We are your partner in Customer Relationship Management.


All relevant information is gathered using the most efficient, state-of-the-art market research methods.


Concrete recommendations of action derive from the outcomes of the analysis.


If desired we support with our proven methods to help your organization in terms of optimal customer focus.